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Mindfulness and Forest Bathing?


Kaplan and Kaplan associated exposure (through the 5 senses) to naturally occurring stimuli as having a direct effect on increasing the parasympathetic nervous system  that leads to a state of relaxation


Findings following a forest therapy program on middle age adult women revealed that levels of tension and anxiety were significantly lower while the “vigor” was significantly higher following forest therapy.


Forest Bathing: Following a 2 day forest therapy program in Korea, participants reported significant decreases in pain, depression and increased feelings of quality of life. . 


Citing the impact of chronic stress on growing populations with insomnia and poor sleep patterns in Japan, Morita et al. studied forest-walking to induce relaxation and improve general sleep-wake cycle. Participants reported a statistically significant correlation between increased sleep time and a 2 hour forest bath.


Participants in a study in Japan who viewed actual live plants had  significantly increased oxy-hemoglobin concentrations in the prefrontal cortex (the area of the brain that keeps our emotions in proportion).. 


People report that walking forest brings about an inner calmness of both body and mind.

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