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Remotely Guided

Forest Bathing

Enhancing the wellbeing of your

remote workforce


"This morning with some of my Carpmaels & Ransford colleagues, I had the opportunity to connect with nature through the gentle guidance of Liz Dawes and a remote forest bathing experience.


A magical ,grounding, mindful start to the day and Mental Health Awareness Week"


"A calming end to my last week "in the office"..and a lovely way to not only connect with nature, but with Carpmaels & Ransford colleagues.

Liz Dawes guided us through a series of invitations to mindfully observe our surroundings.

I let my mind switch off and my senses take over. Hoping to take this grounded feeling into the next chapter"

 - Chloe Flower

Senior Associate

Carpmaels & Ransford


Liz Dawes Forest Bathing-47.jpg

Connect with Others

Reduces feelings of isolation & loneliness


 Connect with 


Taking time out to rest and simply be


 Connect with 


Reduces stress and anxiety 


It's time to bring your team of remote workers together!

Recent research by Microsoft suggests that remote working can have a negative effect

on productivity and life satisfaction. Remote working impacts on physical and mental well-being

with increased  feelings of loneliness and emotional exhaustion 

The benefits of joining a remotely guided forest bathing session are:

  • Conversation: creates connection, inspires and motivates, gives you a sense of value, gives you a new perspective, can make you laugh, repairs relationships and helps process pain and confusion. 

  • Reduced feelings of time pressure and mental stress: taking time outs from work is not a luxury – it’s essential. Taking breaks from stressful routines can amp up creativity, productivity, and focus. 


  • Better health and wellbeing: people who spend at least 120 minutes a week in green spaces ( urban parks, the woods or beaches) are significantly more likely to report good health and higher psychological wellbeing 

  • Awe and reconnection: viewing larger phenomena such as towering trees, rolling valleys, and vast skies can often instil the same sense of wonder we feel outside. Experiencing awe engages the parasympathetic nervous system which promotes relaxation.

  • Cognitive Recuperation: rich, verdant scenes of nature offer a 'soft fascination', one of the elements of Kaplan's Attention Restoration Theory. Example watching water flowing down a stream allows the brain to go into a relaxed state 


  • Accelerated recovery: patients with views of nature scenes report reduced anxiety 


Teams of Remote Workers


We arrange a day for Liz to offer the remotely guided session for your team.

Invite each of your team to join the session on their mobile device from either an outdoor location, perhaps their garden or nearby park or woodland or from an indoor location, perhaps their home office.

On the day, Liz offers a series of nature connection invitations that:

  • reduce feelings of isolation

  • reduce cognitive fatigue

  • restore focus & attention restoration

  • relieve stress and anxiety 

After each invitation, we gather in a 'virtual' circle. In the circle, we share and listen to each other's experience of the invitation; a great way to connect with others (especially those working from home in isolation).

Joining a Remotely Guided Forest Bathing Session from Indoors

  • Find a quiet place to sit or stand in your home or office.

  • Perhaps you would like to find a place to sit or stand at a window or near some plants or other natural elements.

  • Make yourself comfortable and join the remotely guided forest bathing session via zoom. 


Joining a Remotely Guided Forest Bathing Session from Outdoors

  • Find a place to sit or stand in your garden or nearby park or woodland.​​

  • Make yourself comfortable and join the remotely guided forest bathing walk via zoom on your mobile device (a power bank is recommended). 



Thank you so much for organising and engagingly leading the virtual Forest Bathing walk with such a comfortable and easy manner.


I really enjoyed it and I can see how it would be a powerful experience for helping people connect or reconnect with the natural world, as it did with me, from the comfort of my own back garden.”

Tom, Ireland


 "It was such a wonderful experience joining the forest walk yesterday.  


The virtual tour of the forest with you was a really blissful experience that I enjoyed sitting in my room, virtually connected to many others from across the globe

Hemant, India


My forest bathing experience with Liz was a revelation.  Liz was really warm and friendly, and I felt immediately at ease.

The ‘warm up’ gentle exercises helped me to slow down mentally so that I could really notice the things that Liz invited the group to notice.

Led by Liz’s gentle guidance and invitations I felt a profound connection with the natural world.

Julie, United Kingdom

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