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Wellbeing in Nature
A Day Retreat

Immerse yourself in nature at the

Sanctuary at Broughton


Why Join a

Wellbeing in Nature Day? 

Modern lifestyles sometimes lead us to neglect our body’s need for rest and rejuvenation. Continually drawing from our body’s energetic reserves can sometimes leave us feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.


Our unique nature based wellbeing day is perfect for anyone wanting a break from the demands of modern life.  Treat yourself to a reconnection to spirit and simply immerse yourself in nature.


  • Re-establish your relationship with nature

  • Unwind from physical and mental stress

  • Recover an experience of vibrant energy

  • Be free of distractions

  • Establish a deeper connection to who you are

  • Have some fun! 


What to Expect...

  • Forest bathing with Liz, a certified forest bathing guide

  • Vegan Lunch in the Fire Temple 

  • Labyrinth Walk

  • Mindfulness Meditation / Practices

  • Nature connection experiences

  • Wild Swimming (Optional)

  • Woodland Sauna

Health Benefits

Studies show that spending time in nature can:

  • Lower blood pressure and stress hormone levels

  • Reduce nervous system arousal

  • Enhance immune system function

  • Increase self-esteem

  • Relieve anxiety

  • Improve our mood

Forest Bathing September 2020-147.jpg


The Sanctuary at Broughton, Skipton, North Yorkshire






                  Having no previous knowledge of forest bathing I had different expectations about the day. I had thought I would be learning about the nature surrounding us as in plant/tree names, looking at these closely and learning about them so I was unsure at first when I realised this wasn’t the case.  


However a gradual change within me was taking place as the morning went on and by the time we sat around the fire in the woods and then talked to our chosen tree I felt a greater inner peace and calmness of which I’ve never felt before. I also felt so much at one with you and the group and felt enriched being able to share my thoughts and feelings with all and hearing yours and theirs.


Lunchtime and the rest of the afternoon then heightened my whole calm being. My feelings weren’t separate to me as in me saying to myself ‘what am I feeling’ they were actually a beautiful physical part of me.


The day brought me rewards in so many different ways and these will always be a special natural part of me. In times of stress, worry and the ordinary business of life I know now I have the power within me to slow it down.


This may be even in a small way such as, noticing the shapes, shades, colours of my house plants whilst on a hectic work call but you have given me that beautiful power and for that I am truly grateful.


A truly special beautiful day in every way.

With deepest gratitude.



     On some mornings, you just get a sense that something special is going to happen. The alignment of ones own energy with that of an excellent empathetic leader, an open enthusiastic group of participants, sunshine and the wonderful setting of Broughton Hall. 

A time to slow down, be a part of nature and to revel in the joy of existence.

A memorable life affirming day. Thanks Liz 


  A very special adventure, and impeccably organised. Huge gratitude 



  It was a great day. I loved how we shared our experiences with nature around the firepits, drank nettled tea. This is how community is. Great memories. I want to go back!  


  I want to say a HUGE thank you to you for hosting such a special day. It has certainly taught me to slow down and appreciate what is all around us 

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