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What people are saying...

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'Liz was a great guide, really put the group at ease
and helped us to appreciate the powerful
benefits of nature’

Pete, Forest Bathing Participant

“What a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning. I didn’t have much of an idea of what to expect.

Liz took time to explain the practice and its background before staring her invitations. 

I thoroughly enjoyed and got a lot from slowing down to be present in the setting. Liz’s encouragement to engage my senses was an effective prompt to see, hear, feel, smell and taste the forest.

The group was an ideal size and Liz guided us in informative and encouraging way. 

Many thanks to Liz, my group and the forest and its inhabitants. I will definitely pursue forest bathing.” 

Jo, Forest Bathing Participant

'It has been a lovely experience, one that I would highly recommend!


Hagg Wood is a beautiful place,

and Liz was a brilliant host!'

Forest Bathing Participant

'Forest bathing with Liz was a perfect way to unwind and shift my mood and outlook on life in a powerful and healing way.


I love the outdoors and have become so disconnected to it.


This brought me right back and offered me some hope to hold onto that nature can be in my life again and offer me even more than before.'

Helen, Forest Bathing Participant

'Liz guides gently, with wisdom, kindness and humour.
Give yourself a gift, and join her.’

Debbie Kennedy

'I just wanted to say a big 'thank you' for today's forest bathing experience.  I'm so glad that I was finally able to join you and thoroughly enjoyed it.


I'm a keen walker and thought that I was quite observant of nature, but my time with you in Denbers Wood has shown me just how much I have been missing. 

 It was a wonderful experience, incredibly relaxing and the sense of well-being has stayed with me.'

Rachel, Forest Bathing Participant

'A wonderful experience connecting with nature
and Liz made the day perfect.’

 Forest Bathing Participant


'A wonderful way to step away from the stresses of life'

Forest Bathing Participant


'A really great experience. I would recommend this to anyone.

It was great to feel the forest with all my senses."

Bronwyn, Forest Bathing Participant

My forest bathing experience was very calming, uplifting and enjoyable. I noticed things I wouldn't normally and feel my health and wellbeing has improved as a result.


I felt greatly connected to nature and others in the group. I would highly recommend this experience.'

Julie, Forest Bathing Participant

'Connecting to nature in a truly heartfelt way is very nourishing & healing.


Liz will take you on an enchanting journey of the senses, awakening your creativity & connection to Mother Earth in a safe & calming way' 

Lisa, Forest Bathing Participant

'An interesting and peaceful experience. A chance to pay more attention to nature and growth'

Kate, Forest Bathing Participant

'What a wonderful, magical experience, walking and listening and connecting with Gisburn Forest and nature.

Words can't really express.

Heartfelt thank you Liz.’

 Deborah Marie, Forest Bathing Participant


'I joined Liz's forest bath in early September, not sure what to expect but knowing I needed to find a way of spending more time outside in nature.  

Liz has a beautifully structured session that guides you to use your senses and really experience the forest around you.  I felt so safe that I was able to really go within and drop into a deeply relaxed state which was blissful, as I am usually cramming so much into the day.  

The result a deeply calm and relaxed sense of wellbeing which lasted for the whole weekend.  I highly recommend.’

Wendy, Forest Bathing Participant


'Liz is born to guide and merge with the Earth. A true Earth lover that comes through so clearly.

Liz's instructions and invitations are clear and inspired. Felt in safe hands. 

Liz has a gentle aura and the deeper into the forest we went, the more she shone. Incredible .’

Sussi Louise, Forest Bathing Participant

Slowing down is something I do so rarely and to notice how much I miss it was wonderful! Thank you!

Forest Bathing Participant

'An individual experience within nature, exploring what is around us.

Reconnection to Mother Earth, how valuable the forests are.

A fabulous experience which I would highly recommend.

Liz is open, friendly, lively and informative whilst being professional.’

Shirley, Forest Bathing Participant

'A peaceful, therapeutic connection
back into nature.’

Forest Bathing Participant

'A wonderful, uplifting experience.
Has left me feeling, calm, connected
and centred.’

 Angela, Forest Bathing Participant

21st June 2020 2.JPG

'Another wonderful experience in the forest, 
even in the rain! It was a magnificent
adventure into the woods!’

Deborah Marie, Forest Bathing Participant


'Liz makes forest bathing fun. She offers insights and
explanations and you are left feeling
calm and ready to face life again.’

Forest Bathing Participant

'An opportunity to slow down,
find peace so naturally
without effort or struggle.'

 Forest Bathing Participant

'A peaceful experience and
an opportunity to really
observe with all the senses.'

Matthew, Forest Bathing Participant

Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.
Gary Snyder

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