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Nature & Meditation Retreat

Find your inner peace: a contemporary retreat for modern day life

1st to 4th April 2022 at The Sanctuary at Broughton, Yorkshire


Why Join this Retreat?

Most of us have been taught that in order to be successful in life we need to "struggle", or "fight", or "focus" or "concentrate". The trouble with this approach is that the more we struggle, the more tense we become. And the more tense we are, the worse we perform. 

In order to be at our best, in order to give each moment our best and to receive the best from each moment we need to be as aware as possible. And to be aware, we need to be relaxed.

We recognise that for many people, it's almost impossible to just stop, sit silently and relax.


On this retreat, we approach the pressures of modern life with a number of easily accessible techniques to bring about the much sought after relaxation, peace and calm. Get ready to:


  • Learn new ways to meditate

  • Unwind from physical and mental stress

  • Deepen your connection with the natural environment

  • Experience vibrant energy

  • Be free from distractions with a digital detox

  • Establish a deeper connection to who you are

  • Have some fun!

What to Expect

Liz Dawes Forest Bathing-47.jpg

Forest Bathing...

This Japanese practice is a process walking slowly through the forest (or other setting in nature) and experiencing nature directly through hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touching.  Other senses are heightened too; perhaps the imaginal sense or the heart sense or the felt sense. 

As sensory experience only happens in the present, we begin to appreciate the joys of simply being, allowing for deeper connection with ourselves, with others and with nature.